“First impressions are the most lasting” – Unknown

Many of us are first timers to this ‘work from home’ landscape. And, with newness comes a bit of trial and error. Given that this is a new work reality for me too, I figured I’d share some observations, which could enhance the professionalism of our connection in the digital space. 

Please note, I am an esthetically oriented creative, so my senses are probably more heightened than the average person. I’m only sharing to assist not be judgmental. 😊

Here are my week 1 observations:


Look, I get it. Many of us have been forced in short order to create a home ‘office’ and sometimes that means working from the kitchen or any other open space.  My suggestion here is to simply observe the background behind you, the one virtual meeting participants will see behind you, and adjust accordingly. These small pickups can help instill a level of professionalism while we conduct business. I’ve also seen people use green screen technology to hide messiness. Click here to learn more and see if this solution is easier than just picking up.

Bad Lighting

Fixing a lighting issue might be more challenging to address, but an easy way to address this is by positioning your computer/camera so that the brightest light available…a window…is shining on your face. If for whatever reason that’s not an option, there are very cheap clip on desk lights available on Amazon.


We can all agree that the ‘floating head’ or the ‘double chin’ aren’t great angles.  A close-up is where one’s face takes up the majority of the viewing area is surely better than both, but even then it’s sometimes a little awkward. The best ratio is one where ½ of the viewing area is torso and ½ is someone’s face. This ideal may be hard to achieve, but try to shoot for something close. 😊


Now, having shared all that….I would rather see faces up close, with bad lighting and with messes in the background than not at all!

Wishing everyone ease as we make our way through these uncertain times.

Mad love,